Marshal Solaria Thrace

Marshal of the Damaris Magistratum


A compact, wiry woman of indeterminate age with a thatch of short brown hair, a blunt manner, and a soldier’s bearing, Thrace’s life on Damaris is largely consumed by affairs of office, which has left her precious little time for socializing outside of official duties at the governor’s palace. Those who meet her describe her as pleasant enough, and professional sure, but can never seem to remember what they talked about or even exactly what she looks like. Thrace has a disapproving attitude towards what she sees as the weak Governor Kapak, and is mistrustful of the heads of both the Levy and the Defence Flotilla.


Passing a Challenging(+0) Investigation roll on Thrace will yield her full biography. Common knowledge (no roll required) yields the above information.

Marshal Solaria Thrace

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