Magos Hadron Shard

Magos Tech-Priest of the Forge


Hadron Shard is an ancient, ill-tempered Tech-Priest who livers on the outskirts of Damaris’ capital city. Content to wile away his days in the company of his acolytes plumbing the mysteries of the Omnissiah, he has little use for local or intergalactic politics. In fact, he has little use for the world at large unless it concerns some portion of his esoteric research. Stern and forbidding to the casual observer, those who come to know his forge to listen or learn will find a knowledgeable and erudite – if absent-minded and disconcerting- enginseer conversant in subjects as varied as philosophy, quantum physics, literature, and numerology.


Passing a Difficult (-10) Investigation roll on Magos Shard will yield his full biography. Common knowledge (no roll required) yields the above information.

Magos Hadron Shard

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