Rogue Trader: Season One

Episode 4: Dark Skies

Battle is met in the skies above Damaris

The party makes a hasty retreat from the site of the comm station. They rush their injured party members to the nearest medical facility. They will both survive but the missionary is in for a rough go. The medicaes say they can restore rudimentary sight and vocalization to the Missionary via a mechanical augment but it won’t be pretty, effective or cheap. While he is under the knife the rest of the party hastily prepares to defend the space surrounding Damaris. Hoping to stop the invasion before it ever reaches the ground.

Battle is engaged in the void and the ork ships prove a tougher challenge than expected. While the party is successful in destroying or driving off numerous ships and roks some still slip past their defences and those of the other flotillas. It would seem this battle is going to have to be fought and won on the ground after all



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