Rogue Trader: Season One

Episode 3: The Eve of Battle

Defence preparations continue as the Ork invasion draws closer

The party tries one last time to speak with Lady Orleans by approaching her confidant Jeremiah Blitz, a lesser Rogue Trader. They convince him (through a hefty bribe) to take then to Lady Orleans and convince her to take an audience with them. During that audience at the Ladies manse they discover that she has not insignificant ties to the planet via a network of trade contracts but that she also has significant friction with the local religious establishment. She agrees to support the party if they can somehow undermine the Bishop and his monks. The party offers to steal the hand of St. Drusus when the leave the planet, after the invasion, thereby humiliating and perhaps lessening the hold of the religious body on Damaris. It should be noted that the Bishop has also already approached the party about taking the hand off world should the worst come to bear and the planet be lost. He does not want to see the artefact fall into the hands of the Orks. Although he is sure they would not know what to do with it nor harm it he would not want to see it profaned by the Orks.

With the support of all major players the party begins organizing defence procedures. They begin by hatching numerous ridiculous plots which do not go over well with the people of Damaris, such as shunting the entire planet into the Warp (perhaps in small chunks cut out with a spoon or hand cutter). This does not inspire anyone and so when a meteor storm results in the loss of communication with an outlying comm station General Dante suggest the party head out to deal with the problem as a way to gauge their actual prowess.

The party arrives at the comm station to see nothing apparently amiss. This illusion is quickly shattered when they are ambushed by a group of Ork Commandos. The only one not surprised is their alert Captain. A battle ensues where the Astropath is gravely injured and the Missionary has his face chewed off by the whirling blade of a chain axe, permanently blinding him and rendering him hideous to the eye. They put down the last of the orks and then make a hasty retreat to Damaris to seek medical attention for their injured compatriots. As they drive away the comm station goes up in a massive explosion.



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