Rogue Trader: Season One

Episode 2: Frozen Reaches

A distress call is received from an Imperial world, the crew responds.

The Captain and crew of the Euphrates receives a distress call via their Astropath from the Imperial aligned world Damaris. Damaris is under threat of an impending Ork invasion. They are requesting any and all help in repelling the invaders. The crew travels to Damaris, where they are met by a man named Jorun who will act as their personal ‘concierge’ to Damaris. They are immediately escorted to an already in progress meeting of the major players on Damaris. Most vocal in the meeting are Governor Kapak (Governor of Damaris), Captain Locke (Captain of The Aegis, an Imperial warship currently stationed in the Damaris system), General Dante (Commander of Damaris’s meagre armed forces) and Lady Elizabeth Orleans (a rival Rogue Trader). The meeting is heated and it is clear this group of people are completely failing to work together even under threat of impending destruction of the planet. The meeting abruptly ends and is clear the Governor has no control over the situation on Damaris. He asks the players to sort out the mess and create some sort of working alliance between the major forces on Damaris and forge a tenable defence for Damaris. To this end he invites the party to an annual gala being held the next night (the nobles cannot be without their fancy parties, especially if this is going to be the last one).

The party attends the gala meets some of the planets minor players such as Bishop Arnit and the planets resident Astropath Acendent. They wine, they dine and the set up future meetings with Captain Locke (via the Bishop) and General Dante. They fail however to convince Lady Orleans to listen to their offers. The next day they meet with General Dante at the Levy training ground where he is busy preparing his forces. It turns out the General has a problem with Governor Kapak’s ineffectual leadership of the planet. The party agree’s to back his bid for Governor after the invasion is dealt with in return for his co-operation. They next meet with Captain Locke and Bishop Arnit at the cathedral. They learn that Captain Locke has received orders from the Imperial Fleet in the sector to return to the fleet and leave Damaris to it’s fate. The fleet has other operations they say prevent them from sending any aid to Damaris and do not want to lose the Aegis in a futile defence effort. Captain Locke is conflicted about these orders. She wants to obey and prove her loyalty to the fleet (which has been previously tarnished) but she also sees it as her duty as an Imperial officer to defend every Imperial citizen. The party convinces her to, at least for the time being, to stay and assist the defence efforts.

The party during this time also learns of a valuable religious artefact on the planet. The hand of St. Drusus. The hand is kept in a stasis vessel and brought on special occasions for public viewing. No one has seen the hand in living memory and the Bishop is in possession of a code the will only allow the shutters to open a fraction allowing a warm golden light to emerge from the slats. The party convinces the Bishop to hold a special service for the citizens and soldiers of Damaris city, allowing them all to bask in the presence of the artefact, bolstering their spirits.



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